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Name:Seaweed, cooking, and the sea
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Community description:about seaweed, cooking, life, and the sea
About seaweed and other algae: gathering, growing, eating, identifying it, cooking with it, dressing up in it, ecology, biology, the state of the sea, informational posts about it, related life forms linked in its ecosystem, ecosystems of the sea and the shore, related topics such as overfishing. We need a community dedicated to seaweed, and come on, this doesn't exist on livejournal!

What is seaweed?

Seaweed is amazing. It isn't a plant, but a multicellular formation of algae.

Most algae (with the exception of the prokaryotic cyanobacteria) are eukaryotes, like humans. They are (mostly) protists, not plants.

'Algae' and 'seaweed' are loose terms. Taxonomies change, but the diagram below gives a rough summary. Most people recognise seaweed as the green or red or brown plant-like stuff on the beach, and that is what we are here to discuss!

If this is a bad summary, please tell [personal profile] atlantic.

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